The Interracial Dating Book For Black Ladies Who Desire To Date White Guys

The Interracial Dating Book For Black Ladies Who Desire To Date White Guys

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This book shows women that are black to begin getting tangled up in interracial relationships and cope with the social pressures that such relationships inevitably attract. It shows ways to clear out your old social training and inhibitions about interracial relationships, tune out the expectations that you need to date only Blacks and clarify your grounds for intimate and sexual attraction to White men. This book shows where and exactly how you can go about meeting White men, making your self more interracially approachable, offers tips for screening mature and emotionally available White males into your life that is social and you go beyond the shortage of Black men. This book clears away the misconceptions that all too many Black women have about White men and explains what actually goes on inside the minds of White men who look for and date Ebony females. Women usually see guys as foreign territory that is psychological and racial differences can accentuate such misperceptions and misunderstandings. Black women who have considered the possibilities that interracial relationships offer are too knowledgeable about the broad spectrum of unspoken taboos and social pressures frequently provide to block Ebony females from getting involved with interracial relationships. This book explains the psychosexual origins for the various types of social opposition to those wearing “the letter that is scarlet of dating,” from the stares interracial partners encounter all over the place they go, to why parents work so hard at breaking up the interracial relationships of their offspring to why certain kinds of disrupted individuals become enraged during the sight of total strangers whom happen to be in interracial relationships. Find out how you’ll best understand, cope with, and tune out, all of the social pressures that often inhibit black colored women from getting, and staying, involved in White men and initiate unembarrassed interracial relationships. This 2nd edition includes the whole text for the first edition along with a fresh chapter about racism on the road.

Table Of Contents

Chapter OneWhy Black Ladies Should Consider Dating Interracially

Chapter TwoReprogramming Yourself For Interracial Dating, Part I

Chapter ThreeReprogramming Your Self For Interracial Dating, Role II

Chapter FourWhite Male Psychological Availability And Dating Interests

Chapter FiveGround Rules For Potential Compatibility

Chapter SixMaking Yourself More Approachable, Part I

Chapter SevenMaking Yourself More Approachable, Role II

Chapter EightMaking Yourself More Approachable, Role III

Chapter NineWhere And Exactly How To Generally Meet White Men, Part I

Chapter TenWhere And Exactly How To Generally Meet White Men, Part II

Chapter ElevenMistakes In Order To Avoid

Chapter TwelveThe Scarlet Letter Of Interracial Dating, Part I

Chapter ThirteenThe Scarlet Letter Of Interracial Dating, Role II

Chapter FourteenUnderstanding The Opposition To Interracial Relationships, Part I

Chapter FifteenUnderstanding The Opposition To Interracial Relationships, Part II

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Chapter SixteenUnderstanding The Opposition To Interracial Relationships, Role III

Chapter SeventeenRacism Regarding The Street

Furthermore, the habits that Smith advocates look self-destructive and self-hating–I thought the target was to date whites, not to be white. Yet mcdougal’s suggestions include perhaps not putting on cultural attire so as not to appear aggressive, perhaps not wearing a lot of precious jewelry because that is associated with “blackness,” and never discussing problems with racial overtones so as not to make white men uncomfortable. Smith additionally contributes such “gems of wisdom” as: browse publications about interracial romances in public so whites will understand you will surely feel at the unaccustomed situation of meeting blue or green eyes, and dress like the white women you know that you are receptive, work to overcome the discomfort.

The only individuals who will derive any benefit from the information in this book are the ones who know zero about white men. And about them, what makes you want to date them anyway if you know nothing? Surely it’s not because you buy into the author’s contentions that a lot of black males are either inmates or emotionally immature “players” benefiting from the “surplus” numbers of black women?

As being a minority girl who has always socialized with and dated whites, I feel this book is neither appropriate nor ideal for anybody who undoubtedly wants to grow her social dating horizons. Instead than living as much as its name, it never rises above being a money gimmick that is making to make use of the gullible.

If you really want to date interracially, the expense of this book is much better spent for an evening out someplace where solitary men that are white.

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